Does thinking about large sums of money ever overwhelm you? No, I’m serious about this.

For some, when thinking about money and how much it costs to complete a project, invest in a business, or by visualizing thousands of dollars in their bank account frightens them.

It can end up being too much to handle and they’ll revert back to more comfortable thinking. They’ll regretfully settle for what they have accepted as the “cards” they were dealt with.

Wealth building becomes difficult when money is perceived as an obstacle.

Maybe as a child money was a stigma in your household, as it was in mine, because your family wanted it, needed it, but money didn’t seem to respond in kind.

A lack of money left you with sentiments of insufficiency, uneasiness, distress, and being bothersome.

Whether or not you are an entrepreneur, your mindset still determines if you are working for your money, or if your money is working for you.

If money is controlling your life, even with a financial plan in place, then your mindset for success is basically fear-driven.

One clue that money lords over you is that you think by saving and paying off debt is the key to your financial breakthrough.

This particular way of thinking makes you feel that you have a less likely chance of being taken advantage of by creditors, family, and friends.

However, the desire to obtain wealth should promote feelings of abundance. A positive frame of mind enables you to make wise money decisions.

Inferior money decisions are based on scarcity thinking, it’s stemmed from a fear-based mindset.

Having a scarcity mindset can cause you to hold onto your money no matter how much of it you have, and miss out on the opportunities you have prepared for.

Opportunities for investing in real estate, starting a business, or buying a new car or house.

Hopefully, you’re coming around to see how your way of thinking about money has played a vital part in preventing you from achieving and fully realizing your dreams.

However, it does take some time to alter your mental attitude and your relationship with money for more positive effects, but the good news is that it can be done.

Several Steps You Can Take to Reach a Mindset of Abundance

  • Admit that you have a fear of money.
  • Reflect on your life’s experience with money and how it made you feel.
  • Understand that past circumstances do not define who you are as a person; therefore, adopt new beliefs about yourself and money.
  • Appreciate the money that you do have by realizing it is there to work for you and not you work for it.
  • Make a decision to use your money to accomplish your goals.
  • Realize it is a tool for you to use for the good of mankind.
  • Change your inner-dialogue about money by instituting positive affirmations like:

I deserve prosperity.

Abundance is my birthright.

I am a good and responsible steward of the money that I receive.

Prosperity is my way of life.

I know to my core that I am worthy.

I have all the money I need and plenty leftover to help others.

My money is good to me.

My money works for me and I don’t work for it.

I look for, I embrace, and I find moneymaking opportunities all the time.

As you work on your new beliefs about money, you can still work on your ambitions simultaneously.

If you find that you do not meet the traditional requirements of the banks for financing, you can work on improving your credit file.

Prove to yourself that you are determined to have a new outlook on money and you are ready to fulfill your purpose in life.

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