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When logging in to 100PF Academy, please do so from a desktop or laptop. Also, don’t log in from too many IP addresses or the system will block you out of the system for at least two business days. So, if at all possible, go through the program using one device and one IP Address; otherwise, you'll risk flagging your online access.

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*Disclaimer: This product is for informational purposes only; always seek counsel and advice from an advisor, accountant or attorney before starting any of our programs. All sales are final being that the program, live calls, etc are designed to provide you with the support you need.

Last, you also get access to the Quit Your Day Job module as an added bonus.


3. Closed Facebook Group: Please join our closed Facebook group. This group is designed to be a platform for unlimited questions and answers (Q&A), networking, and accountability.

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If you have a content request, then share it on the Facebook Group page, too.


4. Register for Live Q&A Calls: We run two weekly Q&A sessions on Mondays and Thursdays. We do not have calls on holidays. You can only get access to these calls and learn more about when the calls are conducted via logging into the training. Thus, please click on the link below (after you logged into the online training) to join our next Live Q&A session. You can join whichever session you'd like.

Q&A Group Call.

If we have a bonus call, we’ll share it on our Facebook group page.

By the way, we typically have a credit expert on Thursdays, so if you have credit questions, please join the Thursday calls or post them on the closed Facebook group.

Please schedule the Q&A calls in your calendar so you can remind yourself!

5. Need help navigating the program: We want to help you achieve your goals.
  1.  If you need us to help onboard you on how to use the program, then Book a Call.
  2. This Book a Call used used to help you know how to use the program and not answer questions about credit, financing, or real estate. Unfortunately, our Support Team only assists with showing you how to access and use the program.


6. If you experience tech issues: If you're experiencing tech issues (can't login, need password reset, etc), then please complete our Contact Us Form. The Support Team is only knowledgeable on how to correct tech issues and do not provide advice on the subject matter (credit, financing, or real estate).

You can also complete the Contact Us Form for the following reasons:
  1. You didn't receive a receipt of your purchase
  2. You didn't receive or cannot get access to your online training via
  3. You cannot gain access to our closed facebook group after 3 days of requesting acceptance into the group
  4. You are having a hard time registering for your first Live Q&A Call
  5. You can also Book a Call with us.

7. Special Gift: I'm writing a book called, "A-Player Mind". I have a draft completed and it still needs some work. However, I wanted to offer it to you to make sure you maintain the right mindset needed for financial freedom. Click below to access it!

A Player Mind_Draft.

Do me a favor: After reading it, please provide feedback in regard to what further revisions or additions you'd like to see in the book!

Last, The first place for support is the closed Facebook group, then the live Q&A calls, then [email protected].

Thanks in advance!

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Email Juan Pablo's team at [email protected]