Our Students Regularly Close On Two Cash-flowing Multi-Unit Rentals Each Year - EVERY YEAR!

With Our:

Multi-Unit Acquisition Program (MAP).


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Need Help Obtaining a Cash-flowing, Multi-Unit Property?


The Multi-Unit Acquisition Program (MAP), where we "Work With You" in the process of finding a cash-flowing asset on our your behalf.


Get started now! Follow the steps below to get access to the MAP:

1. Click on the "Book a Call" button below to book a Strategy Call.

2. Complete survey.  Answering "No" to any of the responses on the form does not disqualify you from joining the MAP - just be honest.

3. Check your email after completion.

4. Follow the email instructions for the next steps.

5. In order to qualify for the MAP, you must have at least $38,640 in investment capital within the next 30 days or less.  If you don't have at least $38,640 investment capital in the next 30 days, then apply for business credit here: https://www.100pfacademy.com/business-credit-webpage/

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