1. I would love your help on my 1st multi-unit in cities/states outside the Pgh, PA area, can  you help me? 

a. If you’d like the same training that’s offered in the MAP, but only YOU DIY instead, (Any 

City, State), then consider the Multi-unit Intensive Training 2.0 course. You will also have access to our closed Facebook group where you can post questions and meet like-minded people. 

2. After I fill out a business credit application, how long does the process take? 

a. After a client completes a qualification form, it takes up to one business day for a funding 

estimate to be provided via phone or email. If you qualify for business credit, it can take up to 30 days to receive the funding. 

3. I applied for business credit and why hasn’t anyone called or contacted me back? 

a. If you applied but didn’t receive a call from our business credit coach John, then you 

should have received an email notifying you of the reason why you didn’t qualify. You may need to check your spam/junk folder. b. John typically calls qualified applicants from a (630) area code. 

4. Juan Pablo mentioned in his video I can convert business credit to cash, what merchant accounts can I use? 

a. We no longer offer or recommend merchant accounts to use being that several clients in the past have used it incorrectly. Secondly, it’s risky. If you’d like to learn more about other ways to convert business credit into cash, check our 100pfgold.com. b. By the way, all of our clients who were awarded business credit will receive the How to Convert Business Credit into Cash as a bonus. You must apply for business credit and get awarded in order to receive the bonus. 

5. I want business credit, but I don’t want hard inquiries reporting on my personal credit. 

a. We only offer business credit with a personal guarantee since many of our clients don’t have seasoned businesses with 80 Paydex Scores, business bank statements, business merchant accounts, Profit and loss statements, or business tax returns showing the performance of their business.

b. Being that we offer business credit with a personal credit, business credit card companies want to pull your credit to see your credit worthiness as a borrower.

c. However, you will not receive hard inquiries from us via applying. d. You may receive hard inquiries after your receive the business credit; however, you can still buy real estate even with those hard inquiries. 

6. Will someone contact me if I don’t qualify for the MAP? 

a. If you don’t qualify for the MAP as a result of credit, then we suggest you to apply for 

credit repair. b. If you don’t qualify for the MAP as a result of funding, then we suggest you to apply for business credit. 

7. Can I include a partner if I don’t have the funds to join the MAP? 

a. Yes, state on the application that you have a partner who will have the funds. 

8. I can’t access 100pfcreditcheck.com (Identityiq), can I get my credit reports from somewhere else that your business credit or credit repair team will accept? 

a. Yes, we accept credit reports from the following: PrivacyGuard.com, IdentityGuard.com 

or MyFico.com, CreditCheckTotal.com. They all offer side by side comparison reports from all three credit bureaus. 

9. How do I remove collections, charge-offs, etc from my credit report? 

a. You can dispute negative items from your credit report or you can hire us to do it for you.

b. If you want to dispute your own items on your credit report, then click here.

c. If you’d like to hire us for credit repair while you focus on real estate investing, then click 


10. I want to speak to Juan Pablo directly. 

a. Juan speaks with his MAP clients via group coaching calls. However, if you’d like to discuss business opportunities, then click here. If you have questions about a product or service we have, then If you have questions about the products or services, or even if you are currently enrolled in a service, reapply anyway below. 

b. Apply for MAP here. 

c. Apply for Business Credit here. 

d. Apply for Credit Repair here. e. Apply for Mortgage/Low Doc/Hard Money/RELOC here.